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The only Video Conference solution your company needs.
Video Meeting is a ready „click-to-join” platform for online meetings, working at any place and on any device.
Add two lines of </code> to your website, to implement your own solution for video meetings

See how to organize a free 1:1 meeting in three simple steps
Start free
Enter the ID and password for the meeting
Available to users who have purchased a subscription
Enter any user name
Copy the link from the browser and send it to the person you wish to talk to
See how to registerRegister
Choose your user name
Enter a correct e-mail address
Choose your password (8 characters)
See how to create a meeting if you are a registered userLog in
Log in using the e-mail address provided during registration and the chosen password
Step 1


Click the Create Meeting button
Step 2
Enter any name of the meeting, a project you wish to discuss


Choose the date of the meeting
in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm format


Enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to invite to the meeting (e-mail addresses should be separated with a comma).
Step 3
Meeting WebRTC

Meeting WebRTC offers each participant of a meeting the possibility to turn the video and microphone function on and off at any time.

So even if the lighting is poor, your hair looks bad or simply it is not a good time for you to stand in front of a camera, you can still participate in every meeting. Ready to start?

Video Meeting

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