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 WebRTC – free calls for Customers all over the world - free calls supported by freeLink

We provide innovative communication technology that will take your business into the future - freeLink connects free of charge! Customers with your business

As you know, nowadays most companies put entire phone numbers on their websites or email footers. The potential client must rewrite a number, listen to the recorded IVR announcements, choose the right numbers and wait for their turn to have a conversation.

Do you like to call a company and hear that you’re 7th in line and that the estimated time to talk to a consultant is 16 minutes?

Do you know how many of your potential customers hang up at that point? I want to give you a freeLink service which connects the customers with your company for free.

The call is free for both sides regardless of which city or country it is from and how long it lasts.

When operating a company, you know how important to its success is the quality of customer service. Customer satisfaction is essential to achieving business goals.

Tell your Customers that they can call your company for free today! See how you can introduce the freeLink service to your company.

     Monthly subscription for one voice channel = 6,15€ (all taxes included)

As part of this fee, you receive unlimited WebRTC incoming calls within your IP PBX

     I invite you to free tests:

1. Click on the link:

    or click the video call link:

for video - calls you can use the free application Linphone

Receive call, SIP account:

Login: FreelinkDemo1 ; Password: DemoPass ; domain:

Click on the link: call for free by dialing the number 224943127

2. Click on the link:  

Receive call, SIP account:

Login: FreelinkDemo2 ; Password: DemoPass ; domain:  

Click on the link: call for free by dialing the number 224943128