Service Providers

We invite telecom operators, local VoIP operators and corporations around the world to implement free calls for their Customers.

Write us an e-mail with all company data.

In return correspondence, you will receive:

     1. SIP Trunk account that can be programmed in any IP PBX system.

     2. Bank transfer data (PayPal, credit card, wire transfer)


     After receipt of your payment, you will receive:

a. freeLink for WebRTC  

     b. WebDialer (WebRTC Call


     Send us a list of all your land or mobile phone numbers. We will enter your phone numbers to the database of free numbers.

When dialling a number, your Customer will be able to call your land or mobile numbers for free

Monthly subscription for one voice channel = 6,15€ (all taxes included)

As part of this fee, you receive unlimited WebRTC incoming calls within your SIP account or SIP Trunk account.


    I invite you to free tests:

1. Click on the talk link:

    Click on the video call link:

for video - calls you can use the free Linphone application

Receive call, SIP account:

Login: FreelinkDemo1 ; Password: DemoPass ; domain:

Click on the link: call for free by dialing the number 224943127

2. Click on the link:

Receive call, SIP account:

Login: FreelinkDemo2 ; Password: DemoPass ; domain:  

Click on the link: call for free by dialing the number 224943128